Writer, Director, Producer
Tyree Blackamore


Tyree Blackamore is an American author, broadcasting professional and community leader who has self-published his novels under his own Blackam1 Publishing Company. A four-time novelist and two-time ghostwriter of other authors’ works, he captivated his audience with his stunning debut novel The Liar’s Truth (2007), which he wrote while sitting inside his car. He worked nights as a security guard around Atlanta.

Blackamore graduated from Michigan State University in 2001, and obtained his B.A. in Telecommunications, with an emphasis in Media Arts and Communication.

Concentrating on a media background, he co-produced a primetime radio show, where he interviewed artists and entertained listeners every night.  He appeared in commercials, as well as worked in the production department and hub of top-ranked television stations. Under the pen-name, Ty B. Moore, he published three more novels: The Liar’s Truth 2: Truths, Lusts & Lies (2008), Defending Daddy (2013) and a breakout historical fiction effort, Mulidego: Memoirs of a Black Sicilian (2018). Blackamore utilized his media production influences to make his books play like films in his readers’ heads. He stills works in broadcasting, but his heart lies in filmmaking and community service.