Three Celebrities. Deep Pockets. Deeper Issues.

Professional basketball player LeJuan Martin’s contract-renewal negotiations hit a snag when he tests positive for drugs and is suspended for ten games. Thinking that his coke and alcohol binges are derived from loneliness, he tries to buy the affections of his old flame Monique. 

Tanisha, Atlanta’s pop princess, uses her voice to belt tunes and set people straight. Although she’s aware of Santiago’s cheating, she accepts his marriage proposal and starts planning the wedding of her dreams. 

Jamaal has it all; a picturesque family, luxurious homes on both coasts, and the green light from his wife Dana to sleep with who he pleases. A chance encounter with his former lover, Khalil leaves the action star questioning if he’s on a quest to feed his carnal desires or if he’s biding his time until he gets him back. 

When LeJuan convinces Monique to return to Atlanta with him, he thinks he’s left all the bad days behind him. He showers her with the best that money can buy and asks her to marry him after just four months of dating, which she reluctantly accepts. When he awakes the next morning, she’s gone, and the ring is on the nightstand. With his heart broken and hope lost, he throws away the first game of the finals and returns to his old ways. Reassurance from his brother and manager Levarre gives him strength to seek treatment and get clean. 

Tanisha meets one of Santiago’s flings while shopping for dresses with her sisters. She tries to both downplay it, then ignore her and focus on the wedding but realizes she chose to stay because she’s comfortable and don’t want someone else. With the seeds planted and watered by the mother of Santiago’s child, she concocts a plan to bring the women together and expose his dirty deeds at their rehearsal dinner. 

Jamaal leans on Khalil for support when he shows up at his mother’s funeral. He realizes his contentment and becomes unavailable to Dana and Marcus, a sharp-tongued callboy who he frequents. Both object but Jamaal has caught feelings. As Dana awaits Jamaal’s arrival, he and Khalil enter with furnishings for their home. Dana argues she’s willing to compete and share him physically, but she refuses to share him emotionally. Acknowledging she’s lost him to the same man she tried to help him forget she declares “I hate you for not trusting me enough to be honest with me” and dismisses his as a husband who walked out on his family, and she leaves. When she returns, she gives Jamaal and Khalil her blessing. 

Dana has accepted the budding relationship, but Marcus hasn’t. He torments the happy couple by stalking them and sending photographs to Jamaal’s trailer. When an attempt to extort them fizzles, he pens a tell all, called The Liar’s Truth, gets it published and embarks on a promotional tour which lands him an appearance on Wendy.