[About Solidarity]
an American labor union and political drama television series created by Derek Vitatoe

Set and filmed in and around Cincinnati, Ohio, the series provides an optimistic picture of the American Labor Movement. Plots are based on the interrelationship between organized labor and management, focusing on real labor conflicts and disputes that arise in workplaces and has made recent headlines – although the motivation for the conflict and/or dispute may be different.   The first half of each episode follow the union representatives and their president (Maddie Chase) as they investigate some form of a workplace violation, conflict, or grievance against and/or brought forth by employees.

In the second half of the episode the union officials will work to solve the issue or problem(s) by battling and fighting (sometimes literally) for workers’ rights with management. Through this, the union will be involved in handling and resolving some of the most complex cases ever seen – real cases that make headlines daily across the U.S.

Coming Spring 2023

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